Tap your nose and wink

Sky Girls episode 16: A drag on the local economy

Knowing more than some of the characters know has two relevant uses: it sets in motion two trains that just happen to be on the same track and facing each other, or it is a portal through which irony is delivered. The latter option is preferable, and the setup for the sixteenth episode of Sky Girls was one of those instances, but it was also the first.

We know that the Kouryu has this big target stamped on its hull, so trouble follows it wherever it goes, yet civilians have been dragged into the conflict only once. Saving civilians episode after episode is a tempting path and almost too good an opportunity to pass up, but avoiding that is in keeping with the M.O of the antagonists.

Sky Girls episode 16: Create a problem and solve it for extra credit

Some of the impact is lost given that Nanae doesn’t know what we know, so we (i.e. I) will feel a bit guilty in her stead. Sky Girls doesn’t dwell on much, but I think this was one of those moments worth reflecting on by the characters.