Dennou glasses are a wireless carrier’s best friend

Dennou Coil 2: Blood sucking, or just plain highway robbery

I was always kind of fuzzy about how kids “broke” their glasses and how it would cost an arm and a leg to “fix” but now I see. Things went too quickly to notice that in addition to a download progress bar, there’s a billing meter, and it goes up crazy fast. Even if you were to convert to dollars or something, that meter is increasing at a rate in excess of $9 per second.

Come to think of it, the two cities that Dennou Coil takes place in are very unwired. We only ever see 2 wired phones, and rotary ones at that. There are no laptops or desktops, really no personal storage in general apart from AR glasses, so it makes sense that when data gets wiped, the calvary comes over the air, and it’s time to pay the piper in a big way. As awesome as glasses are it’s scary to think that no one can manually backup and recover their own data from a fixed terminal.

Dennou glasses are the ultimate mobile device, just missing retinal projection and tactile feedback. I’m not sure everyone is comfortable with the former, and we find out what tactile feedback is linked to as the series progresses. I guess glasses as they are is quite acceptable, then. Megamass certainly agrees.