Now you’re thinking with Mojos

Episode 4: in ur base, stealin ur weaponz

Forget the Weighted Companion Cube; it’s obvious from the above that several Mojos are infinitely more useful. A few Portal style signs are needed to spread the word. I tried, but all I ended up with was a black and white trace, minus the missile label.

But I don’t see how the ability to launch virtual missiles at each other is progress. I wouldn’t ever want to leave school, yet I wouldn’t get any work done either.

(A nitpick is below, but beware spoilers for episode 20 and beyond)

Episode 3: Mojos with a captured Densuke

To possess Mojos is totally unfair. There’s the numbers advantage right off the bat, and they pack data shredders, but they’re also co-operative and delightfully underhanded. A Micet has nothing on a Mojo, other than the ability to play rock paper scissors. A Mojo carries a camera too.

After episode 4’s battle, I was always on the look out for another scene where Mojos sneak around and wreak havoc, but the tables turned on them instead. They were thrown into desperate situations twice, trying to stall 2.0 units.

It’s more tragic to think that there was only one survivor from the original 8, but Isako should actually have 4. Even though one was clearly zapped by a Satchii while carrying Densuke, there was a line of 8 during the school battle.

Much later, 3 were lost buying time for Yasako as she made a beeline for the portal, and one was lost (and another badly hurt) covering Isako’s escape from the hospital. The injured one is the one that stays with Megabaa and deserves a medal, but seriously, where are the other 3?