zomg Raptor rush

Episode 21: F-22 Raptors on the Rush

I always thought that Raptors on the Rush was a bit like a nerfed Command and Conquer 2 Orca assault: expensive, a bad idea, and subsequently embarrassing. But it turns out J. C. Staff didn’t try too hard when writing and drawing this flashback.

Episode 21: Raptors up close

Well, who knows how bad the war was at that stage. At some point, it probably didn’t matter if a WORM has radar. If you’re going to Rush with Raptors, might as well mount more missiles at the cost of stealth, and add a second Gatling gun.

I’m just nitpicking. You shouldn’t watch watch Sky Girls for the air combat anyway; you might as well watch something like Macross Plus or Macross Zero six times over. After all, the show is about four (later five) pilots and a crew who occasionally fight but otherwise do mundane things like routine maintenance and living life aboard a ship. When they do fight, they are almost always consummate professionals. The same can’t be said for kid pilots in other series. It’s refreshing.