But all the cool kids are doing it

Clannad 9: Fuuko's last hurrah

I seem to be perpetually behind the curve, the result being that 3 weeks into the new year and the new season, I have one post in the pipeline, and it has nothing to do with any of the new shows. It’s not even that long in word count, but it’s taken about that long to distill all I wanted to say about Dennou Coil.

The upshot is that I’ll pretty much shut up about it afterwards. And then you can celebrate, and then there will be cake. Or something.

Oh I could put up something convenient to pass the time, except that I couldn’t. Maybe if pushed into a corner I could, but I guarantee that it would be an extremely upsetting experience for both the cornered and those who would dare experience the results.

The instances where there is something new on this site is like a blip in the background radiation, and I’m fine with that. My primary concern is to those who are fine with that, too. All 18 of you.

That said, I think I understand the rationale behind strictly episode summary entries: the authors have something to prove.

It’s why it can’t be really relegated to a forum, and the cold text comprising a bunch of episode counters on some list doesn’t cut it, either. Compared to a site, neither has as strong a sense of ownership. Whether someone else hosts it or not, the sense of freedom provided by having one’s “own” site makes it a lot more personal, even if the entries could belong to just about anyone else.

Maybe we’re already there, or otherwise will converge to a point where creating (or generating) these kinds of entries is about as easy as pushing a button, not unlike taking a digital picture. Rather than A going up to B and saying, “So what did you think of…?” it’s more like B making the first move and saying, “I just got back and I’ve got tons of pictures and a travelogue!” Making an entry does require an amount of initiative greater than zero.

But what’s really being said is, “I went there and I’ve got tons of pictures and a boatload of text to prove it.” No matter what you think about convincing the world of one’s viewing habits, it’s one of the most effective ways of getting the point across.

I don’t think earnest enthusiasm should ever be discounted. Without it, you wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be here, no matter how easy things got.