Better later

But not this entry.

Episode 11: We'll brew you!

I thought to liken Moyashimon to something else that got better with age, but we’ll never know if that was just a 3-episode blip or the start of a trend. By now, the consensus is 11 episodes feels like an arbitrary and tacked on best before date.Although, better ought to be qualified. Something that is well aged is usually not so much effervescent as it is mellow, which seems to be an acquired taste outside the domain of ethanol. Moyashimon‘s inviting bar setting(s) would have rivaled Bartender‘s given some more screen time.

Episode 9: Surstromming reactions

But while things weren’t as light in the end as they were in the beginning, the series could always be counted on to induce strong reactions, and a conduit that worked pretty well happened to be the strong reactions of the victims characters themselves.My curiosity caused me to miss out on one of the strongest ones, since I couldn’t shake my suspicions and went looking for cast information after the second episode. Despite that, it was made up for with healthy amounts of physical violence and bawdy humour (or literally toilet humour).

Episode 3: Fermented skate reactions

Stepping back, I wouldn’t say that I was educated, but it’s not like one can stamp “Mission Failed” on the show because of that. As with other shows that have aired in that time slot, it was a glimpse into other spheres, exposure to campus life of a different sort, but not at all dissimilar. For what it was worth, Moyashimon was illuminating, fresh, with a nose of nostalgia.

Anything but stale.