Needs a third edge

Is it strange that I haven’t seen the first broadcast episode of Macross Frontier, but I’ve listened to Triangler? The brand is strong with MS, and YK to a lesser extent, so while spare time is…spare, a bit of multi-tasking keeps me tuned in.

Feelings about the song are mixed. A bit of movement in the verse and a nice contrasting bounce in the bridge are pretty much negated by a chorus that is typical (as in middling) and tight (as in uptight). Given that the song opens with the chorus, the first thought was that Maaya was trying to do energetic rock, which for me has been a dicey hit-or-miss proposition in the past.

After the song was over not once, but five times, that impression still remained. Triangler is an imperfect trinity at best. But at least the lyrics rhyme at the beginning of both bridges.

Kotomichi is not a Yoko Kanno track, if that is a factor in anything. I think it’s been hammered into my head that airy voices are something to avoid, and there are a number of passages where Maaya’s voice is a weak whisper. But there are other places with signs of life strength, and on balance this is a decent ballad. It’s just that there are so many decent ballads, all very noticeably similar in style.