Augmented Realism

Director talks Dennou Coil, wao translates. Near the bottom of the first translation, amid the talk on realism or at least scientific/technological plausibility, is a perspective on how to draw.

At times, what’s in your mind’s eye sometimes carries more momentum than what’s in front of your real ones. But to think that this is something to be capitalized on, well how cool is that? The world may not be as simple as black and white, but perhaps our memories have striking shadows akin to line art, tinted with such vibrant shades as midnight blue and sunset pink.

And maybe I’m just crazy and dream in the palette of 5 cm/s. But I’d be okay with that.

I once bandied around the term hyperrealism without bothering to see if it was an actual term or not. Oops, but maybe it wasn’t such a bad guess.