Episode 22: Speed hax kekekekeke

If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.

Pursuant to that, is Gundam 00‘s shot across the bow of Murphy’s Law: if the most unexpected event can occur that can bail you out, it will. Bonus points are had if it’s statistically independent. For example, if you cry so hard that you get your trypants in a bunch, that system back-up will kick in, or a convenient memory will be recollected, or surprise super speed hax will be conferred with an accompanying “you graduated” speech.

The last event is Real Ultimate Power, the perfect way to counter any skill, including downloaded skill. Anyone thinking of using the quad damage/red armor/bunny hop cheat they stole from you the week before can’t possibly flip out before you can.

I suppose that to be fair, there is a mitigating factor in the cool-down effect, but its initial appearance was nothing short of clutch, and we all know that clutch writers are awesome writers. Turns out that Wang Liu Mei is in it for the lulz drama? Awesome.

So I finished watching the first season of the war on war, and I’ll probably get around to watching the second season, although maybe not as it’s airing, in much the same way that I’ll get around to watching the second season of Code Geass one of these days. The inclination (and the traffic quota) isn’t really there, but I’ve spent too much time to not see either to their conclusion, even if it may have been sunk cost.

Episode 2: Crucify me!

Who didn’t see the ending coming? Especially in light of the above, even though it was the self-proclaimed puppet master who said it, but who knew that two episodes in? It was in some ways an acknowledgment of their fate, and the fate of their mission, because as Patton never said, dead people don’t win wars. Looking forward to the somewhat cleaner slate and increased body count at some indeterminate point in the future.