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Deep River, 17th Japan Golden Disc Awards

Given the volume of submissions to Jpopsuki, it was nice having an RSS feed to quickly scan the submissions for artists of interest. Unfortunately, that RSS feed has since gone kaboom and there’s no ETA on a fix, so I could have missed out on a bit of excitement.

Three Utada Hikaru live performances were submitted, as 1080i MPEG-2 transport streams: Deep River at the 17th Japan Golden Disc Awards, Colors at POPJAM in early 2003 (file date is wrong), and Heart Station at Music Station.

Given that HD transport stream captures are common now, the last one isn’t too interesting, but to see five year old footage at 1080i in about as raw a form as one can get, is a bit remarkable in its own right.

Prerequisites: an ISDB-S receiver to record the BShi channel, a DVR, plenty of storage in general, and a technically inclined Hikki fan that enjoys collecting her media appearances.

What are the odds?

In my technologically and monetarily impoverished state circa 2003, I lacked I/O bandwidth, drive storage, and my monitor topped out at 1024×768. When CD-R’s were the primary means of accommodating 700 MB files, HD would have elicited horror, or tears. At the time, 1080i and 48 kHz AAC (or AC3 over here) would not have been worth one CD every 4 minutes.

The monetary situation hasn’t changed much, but it’s a good thing Moore’s Law hasn’t either. Maybe it’s not fair to say that those who decided to pull and keep digital satellite streams were ahead of their time, but from my standpoint it certainly feels that way.

On a Hikki-related note, this eyelid phenomenon happens to me, too. But since double eyelids are said to be more attractive, maybe it pays to be modestly sleep-deprived?

Pointless trivia: DGIndex says that the average bitrate of these 2003 streams is 20 Mbps. Such is the advantage of wideband satellite transmission over 6 MHz terrestrial DTV standards. ATSC tops out at a rigid 19.39265846 Mbps, whereas ISDB-S can stuff two HD channels with its 51 Mbps capacity.

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