Apsalus project goes COTS

08th MS Team, Episode 10: Apsalus activation sequence

Was taking a stroll down 08th lane and spotted the above. The first time I watched 08th MS Team was some years ago so if I did notice it at the time, I must have forgot about it.

The process for choosing these terms must have been a riot. Rather than try to project into the future, someone took an inventory of systems and components around the office, stopping to check Windows Control Panel on one of them.

If there’s one thing to take away from this, it is to exploit diversity by using more than one operating system, as well as a couple processor vendors and architectures.

Twelve years after the first OVA installment, what might some of these terms be instead? I have some guesses for the first column.

  • Motherboard of your choice
  • AMD Phenom
  • NetBSD / x86 (but in theory runs on anything)
  • VIA Nano
  • DDC-2AB (still relevant display data channel)
  • HDMI (needed a newer display interface)
  • DirectX 10 SDK
  • I have no idea what Enhanced 46D4 might be
  • SATA 3Gb/s (6Gb/s is in the pipeline)
  • Wideband CDMA for UMTS (GMSK is the modulation for GSM)
  • GPIB / IEEE-488 (still in use)
  • Cell Broadband Engine (the future of SIMD on RISC)

As for the second column, I can only guess at what the entires are for two of them. The IA-32 architecture is quite alive and kicking, and you can’t really ever get rid of internationalization. The usability folk could never accept a UI that was understandable in only one language.