transientem began life as a Blogger site, but after approximately 5 months I decided that it might be a good idea to move out.

Why? Blogger is fine for keeping a casual site, but having a bit more control over the lower levels of a content management system allows the use of Trackback. If I link to someone and they have Trackback enabled, then it’s only right that I send a ping to let the author and their readers know. Giving readers a comment form directly on the post page, organizing numerous tags into their own page while presenting a few main categories in the main sidebar, are all benefits, but Trackback was the main draw.

I should stop kidding myself. This was a mostly unused domain that I wanted to turn into a slightly used domain.

I don’t have any grand ambitions concerning this site’s content or presentation. I’m not a professional writer, although I make an attempt at prose every now and then. If you’re marginally interested in what I have to say, then please add this site’s feed to a feed syndication program or site. As a benefit of not having to check the site for updates, you won’t have to contend with this site’s layout! A win-win situation, I’m sure. I personally use Google Reader.

As for myself, I started watching anime proper around 2002. Certainly before that there were dubs of Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and the short-lived Fox version of Escaflowne, but I didn’t even know that these shows were not of American origin.

It was during first year that someone on my residence floor gave me Escaflowne, subtitled in its entirety. The first series I watched in Japanese audio was also the first that I ever marathoned. So enamoured was I that in short order I bought the limited editions of both the series and the movie that followed it.

So I started watching anime about 5 years ago, but that statement is misleading. In reality, I’m still pretty green, a fact that you can verify by examining the series that I’ve seen to date. Things began to ramp in late 2006, and I obviously had a ton of free time in the summer of 2007, which dried up with the advent of fall, for reasons that you may infer.

I have a preference for series with characters that aren’t overtly juvenile, but no major bias in favour or against any specific genre. However, a consequence of the above is that I tend to avoid so-called harem shows, as most characters in those tend to be pretty clueless. Beyond that, chances are very good that I will finish any series that I start. I’m dedicated like that.

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