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[Meh-ta] Stunning revelations

An intermission while I get off the music train.

A 9uality act

It’s been over a week a while since THYME’s debut album first 9uality, and chances are pretty good that if you liked Fly Away, you’ll like at least 9 of the 12 tracks on the disc. That’s not because most of the songs sound just like Fly Away, but I think that you’ll find a […]

[Meh-ta] The teardown will not be syndicated (but it should)

Speaking of things that go kaboom, Hikki Station closed and I didn’t even know until now. So dependent have I become on feeds as event triggers that visiting a site on a whim has become a Rare Event. Two points here. The first is that perhaps my reading habits are different from most, having been […]

The means to archive

Given the volume of submissions to Jpopsuki, it was nice having an RSS feed to quickly scan the submissions for artists of interest. Unfortunately, that RSS feed has since gone kaboom and there’s no ETA on a fix, so I could have missed out on a bit of excitement. Three Utada Hikaru live performances were […]

Who is thyme?

(Link dump ensues) This isn’t the same question as “Who is THYME?” (English) Wikipedia seems to have a decent idea of the band, but nary a word on the group’s lead vocalist. This isn’t unusual, and indeed isn’t even a big deal, but then again most other artists don’t use a lower-cased English word for […]

Define award winning

The story behind Takane no Jitensha was, apparently, the best submission of the 2007 Animax Awards. Watching the roughly 24 minute one-shot, it felt like A-1 was merely honouring an obligation. On the other hand, “best” could mean “whatever can be done quickest and cheapest.” Given that they play into each other, it’s probably a […]

Taking off on a key change

Natsu no Sora‘s full OP has one kicker of an outro. I’m such a sucker for strong harmonic progression.

The one that gets you

Watching the Batanime (or Batmanime), I came across technobabble, and it feels out of place. It’s kind of weird to think that heaps of jargon wouldn’t belong in a story about a character who relies heavily on gadgets, but in the Batman world, gadgets are used for getting stuff done, as opposed to being used […]

Everybody feels the same

Reading this lengthy 2007 MUSICA interview, was a lot like re-watching Introducing Utada, which I went back and re-watched anyway. Juxtaposed against clips and images of her commercial success, she speaks with a vacancy that matches her listless appearance. I suppose you could read the signs to arrive at the same conclusion, being as transparent […]

Barriers to escape (velocity)

Inset image from [1]. Not from Planetes, but it could have been. The larger, two-page version was probably derived from everything that the ESA was tracking on radar. Here’s the description: Instead of floating inside an orb, these flakes, some of the solar system’s newest ornaments, dance around it. The dusting comprises active satellites and […]