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If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough. Pursuant to that, is Gundam 00‘s shot across the bow of Murphy’s Law: if the most unexpected event can occur that can bail you out, it will. Bonus points are had if it’s statistically independent. For example, if you cry so hard that you get your […]

An absurd proposal

I’m not particularly well-read. I lie. I’m not well-read at all, having last studied any kind of literature in my last year of high school. Whoops, actually I did make an attempt at higher reading out of interest some time later, but more on that, later. So back in high school, I read a number […]

Augmented Realism

Director talks Dennou Coil, wao translates. Near the bottom of the first translation, amid the talk on realism or at least scientific/technological plausibility, is a perspective on how to draw. At times, what’s in your mind’s eye sometimes carries more momentum than what’s in front of your real ones. But to think that this is […]

[Meh-ta] Aggregating aggregators

Antenna-Nano. Why?, Read on. Let me describe my feed reading habits. Most of the entries I see originate from feed aggregators. I may not read every single entry I come across, but I will at least scan headlines and read summaries to get a sense of what others are interested in. In terms of anime […]

Needs a third edge

Is it strange that I haven’t seen the first broadcast episode of Macross Frontier, but I’ve listened to Triangler? The brand is strong with MS, and YK to a lesser extent, so while spare time is…spare, a bit of multi-tasking keeps me tuned in. Feelings about the song are mixed. A bit of movement in […]

[SSA] On links and incidentally, synchronicity

This is more for my own assurance than anything else. In short, I see very few outgoing link hits when going over stats. Like, zero. Okay, on average one for text links, and a couple clicks on images. It may be FeedBurner not being able to track most cases or something else, but I’d be […]

Take 5 and God Speed

[Lyrics/Translations] Take 5 is one of those tracks that I can loop over and over again. It tempers irrational exuberance some days and raises the spirit (or spirits) on others, both with a ghostly, dignified poise. Does life and death exist on a continuum, or does a line have to be drawn somewhere? Perhaps the […]

Purveyors of quality expressions

I think that True Tears is well executed, but I’m no good at finding animation short cuts, except maybe recycled scenes. Someone pointed out the following the other day.

Olive branches cradling the world

Wasn’t it supposed to represent all that’s good on this planet? As opposed to a dysfunctional bunch of peacemakers (how’s that war on war going?), or some conspiracy device that showed up 17 episodes too late. The future is bright! In related news, I have no idea how or why, but the red planet got […]

Hertz for the heart

[Via U.Blog] It’s kind of cute, but the clip doesn’t appear to be cached, so it has to be downloaded each time. Admittedly it’s pretty short, and maybe not something worth hitting the replay button for, but what if I do did? The more I loop Heart Station, the less it screams Distance Days and […]