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[Meh-ta] My brain is not a pipe (but it’s okay if yours is)

In a small triumph for the community, the vague term that is “mental bandwidth” has been appropriated for the cause, at least according to Google.  I suppose that this is nothing new, in that jargon and genres go hand in hand, but this is a success of dubious merit, the term having long been abused […]

[Meh-ta] Stunning revelations

An intermission while I get off the music train.

Fork your fansub

One of the many questions that sprouts like a weed goes something like, “What is the cost of a fansub?” Current practice is to deploy the pesticide known as, “Lost sales (maybe),” one whose long term effectiveness is dubious at best. That’s a cost to the industry, and a monetary one at that. But what […]

Misnomers and supposition

The first half toes around the umbrella known as translation. The second half manages to trip over the big orange monster to whom that umbrella belongs to. Somewhere along the line, the lot of us became translators. And I don’t mean just fansubbers, but fansub watchers as well. The term gets thrown around so frequently […]

An absurd proposal

I’m not particularly well-read. I lie. I’m not well-read at all, having last studied any kind of literature in my last year of high school. Whoops, actually I did make an attempt at higher reading out of interest some time later, but more on that, later. So back in high school, I read a number […]

Flattening pyramids

There is a very real tendency for young and niche communities to go to war with, and amongst, each other. Linux versus BSD, FreeBSD versus OpenBSD, GNOME versus KDE, Ruby versus the world, not to mention globalization internationalization versus sterilization localization. (But everybody knows that if you want to get anything done, you use C) […]

[SSA] On links and incidentally, synchronicity

This is more for my own assurance than anything else. In short, I see very few outgoing link hits when going over stats. Like, zero. Okay, on average one for text links, and a couple clicks on images. It may be FeedBurner not being able to track most cases or something else, but I’d be […]