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Classical music in motion

Everyone has a reason for getting into a series, even if it can’t be articulated. For me, with respect to Nodame Cantabile, it was association. The conversation, if translated from the firings of neurons, probably went like this: “Dude, it’s a series about music. You’re a band nerd, this is right up your alley.” “I […]

[Meh-ta] The teardown will not be syndicated (but it should)

Speaking of things that go kaboom, Hikki Station closed and I didn’t even know until now. So dependent have I become on feeds as event triggers that visiting a site on a whim has become a Rare Event. Two points here. The first is that perhaps my reading habits are different from most, having been […]

Everybody feels the same

Reading this lengthy 2007 MUSICA interview, was a lot like re-watching Introducing Utada, which I went back and re-watched anyway. Juxtaposed against clips and images of her commercial success, she speaks with a vacancy that matches her listless appearance. I suppose you could read the signs to arrive at the same conclusion, being as transparent […]

Barriers to escape (velocity)

Inset image from [1]. Not from Planetes, but it could have been. The larger, two-page version was probably derived from everything that the ESA was tracking on radar. Here’s the description: Instead of floating inside an orb, these flakes, some of the solar system’s newest ornaments, dance around it. The dusting comprises active satellites and […]

Misnomers and supposition

The first half toes around the umbrella known as translation. The second half manages to trip over the big orange monster to whom that umbrella belongs to. Somewhere along the line, the lot of us became translators. And I don’t mean just fansubbers, but fansub watchers as well. The term gets thrown around so frequently […]

An absurd proposal

I’m not particularly well-read. I lie. I’m not well-read at all, having last studied any kind of literature in my last year of high school. Whoops, actually I did make an attempt at higher reading out of interest some time later, but more on that, later. So back in high school, I read a number […]

Flattening pyramids

There is a very real tendency for young and niche communities to go to war with, and amongst, each other. Linux versus BSD, FreeBSD versus OpenBSD, GNOME versus KDE, Ruby versus the world, not to mention globalization internationalization versus sterilization localization. (But everybody knows that if you want to get anything done, you use C) […]

Fllng n th blnks

I think that I have a new metric for evaluating a series. It’s not a practical one by any stretch, but there may be a lesson or two in it, and I would encourage everyone to apply that metric at least once in their viewing…careers. Go through the dialog of each episode of a series, […]


If you would humour me for a moment, please consider the following graph and its accompanying observation. Shares in RASU tumbled following downgrades from numerous analysts after a disappointing first quarter. However, the company executed well and has since established a base of support above its recent low. Now that you’re either scratching your head […]

Stare at the scope

I was on a bit of a screen shot hunt. It was semi-fruitful. We all have heard about the fight or flight response, but there is clearly a third facet at least, characterized by deadlocked threads and a failure to act. The TF2 sniper’s taunt crystallizes the cynical perspective towards this perfectly. I will never […]