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An excuse to bring up Dennou Coil

Relevant documentation indeed. Although, ANN must have made a translation error. If Dennou Coil was based on a novel, that would be both surprising and awesome. I mean, if this were true, this would have been common knowledge. If you believe Wikipedia, then that novel series began one month before the anime first aired. And […]

Augmented Realism

Director talks Dennou Coil, wao translates. Near the bottom of the first translation, amid the talk on realism or at least scientific/technological plausibility, is a perspective on how to draw. At times, what’s in your mind’s eye sometimes carries more momentum than what’s in front of your real ones. But to think that this is […]

At arm’s length

Isako isn’t a nice character; you might even say that she’s mean, but mean to who? Her lackeys are hardly willing collaborators and would leave as soon as they felt they had learned as much as they could. It’s not the only one out there, but the iron fist is one form of leadership. With […]

Pieces of Coil space

If I had to choose between Dennou Coil‘s OP or ED, Prism and Sora no Kakera respectively, I’d opt for the latter as more representative of the series as a whole. Prism has a synthesizer element that is made more apparent (and prominent) in its full length version. Unlike other series or movies where the […]

A circle of children goes round and round, round and round

Owen has seen through Dennou Coil as one would read and comprehend a research paper. The verdict: rejected for not making a significant contribution to the exploration of those who would sooner run from their demons than exorcise them. There is no scale for fear, but much like a scale it is used to lay […]

Now you’re thinking with Mojos

Forget the Weighted Companion Cube; it’s obvious from the above that several Mojos are infinitely more useful. A few Portal style signs are needed to spread the word. I tried, but all I ended up with was a black and white trace, minus the missile label. But I don’t see how the ability to launch […]

Caution, children at play

For fans of Dennou Coil, or The Animatrix, or both, here’s a bit of trivia. Dennou Coil’s character designer, Takeshi Honda, also did the character design for Beyond. Not only that, they have some similarities in their premise. I haven’t seen The Animatrix at all, but it sounds similar, anyway, with children exploiting glitches in […]

Documenting Dennou Coil : Series events

Documenting Dennou Coil : Prior events

What follows is a high level overview of the events covered or hinted at in Dennou Coil. I have never written a “documentation” type entry before, so this may come off as dry (or drier) in tone. Why documentation? Because it’s just that interesting to me. Dennou Coil has a very rich backstory, sometimes delivered […]

Dennou glasses are a wireless carrier’s best friend

I was always kind of fuzzy about how kids “broke” their glasses and how it would cost an arm and a leg to “fix” but now I see. Things went too quickly to notice that in addition to a download progress bar, there’s a billing meter, and it goes up crazy fast. Even if you […]