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ef – An episode too far

“So class, what morals did you learn today?” Also my immediate reaction after finishing the series. ef – a tale of memories. From the beginning, Yuko was the personification of the small miracle that is personal triumph, while Yu was the jaded cynic. The outcome, punctuated by Yuko’s appearance, was inevitable. But for me, the […]

She who controls her past, commands her future

Leonard Shelby had his tattoos and Polaroids. Minitrue had its doublethink (and Kane had…Kane). Chihiro Shindou has her Life Note. “If it wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen,” so goes the bane of programmers everywhere. But if it was documented, does that mean it happened? The diary defines what she knows, what she doesn’t know, […]


After the first episode, so was I I made the decision to start from the beginning, going back and slingshotting forward. Not having much breathing room for the past two weeks has left me with my own memory gap, and really the only thing I can remember with any clarity about ef – a tale […]