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Misleading mix

Wikipedia gets it right and Sano(suke) elaborates: Eternally -Drama Mix- is more session/cut than mix. I concede that using “mix” or “remix” is tantamount to giving any track a new lease on life, but there’s got to be some room for creativity here. I mean, we got Final Distance out of Distance. There’s some circumstantial […]

[Meh-ta] The teardown will not be syndicated (but it should)

Speaking of things that go kaboom, Hikki Station closed and I didn’t even know until now. So dependent have I become on feeds as event triggers that visiting a site on a whim has become a Rare Event. Two points here. The first is that perhaps my reading habits are different from most, having been […]

The means to archive

Given the volume of submissions to Jpopsuki, it was nice having an RSS feed to quickly scan the submissions for artists of interest. Unfortunately, that RSS feed has since gone kaboom and there’s no ETA on a fix, so I could have missed out on a bit of excitement. Three Utada Hikaru live performances were […]

Everybody feels the same

Reading this lengthy 2007 MUSICA interview, was a lot like re-watching Introducing Utada, which I went back and re-watched anyway. Juxtaposed against clips and images of her commercial success, she speaks with a vacancy that matches her listless appearance. I suppose you could read the signs to arrive at the same conclusion, being as transparent […]

Tuned cardiac resonators

You may want to skip the preamble, which is mostly anecdotal. The review preamble So this is a Heart Station review, and a late one at that. It was something that I’d get around to eventually, but this is a pretty tardy kind of eventually for which I have no good reason. The kicker was […]

A call to rock on 8 years too late

Maybe 8 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I feel so old regardless. Why 8 years? Whoo! That’s why. Contrary to unpopular belief, my Hikki-tardation has limits, and one of those lines in the sand was Bohemian Summer 2000. It was something that I actually kind of avoided, and the ridiculous […]

Take 5 and God Speed

[Lyrics/Translations] Take 5 is one of those tracks that I can loop over and over again. It tempers irrational exuberance some days and raises the spirit (or spirits) on others, both with a ghostly, dignified poise. Does life and death exist on a continuum, or does a line have to be drawn somewhere? Perhaps the […]

The power of representation

My lack of a recording device is more than made up for by pretty much everyone else in attendance. I hope. I think that being in the fourth row in the presence of an orchestrated Simple and Clean aka Hikari made my month, making this bleak February weather just a little less annoying. I’m going […]

Hertz for the heart

[Via U.Blog] It’s kind of cute, but the clip doesn’t appear to be cached, so it has to be downloaded each time. Admittedly it’s pretty short, and maybe not something worth hitting the replay button for, but what if I do did? The more I loop Heart Station, the less it screams Distance Days and […]

No free lunch

Not only did EMI foot the licensing costs for all of those “free” ringtones, they’re paying her. Why not donate the proceeds to charity?