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Fork your fansub

One of the many questions that sprouts like a weed goes something like, “What is the cost of a fansub?” Current practice is to deploy the pesticide known as, “Lost sales (maybe),” one whose long term effectiveness is dubious at best. That’s a cost to the industry, and a monetary one at that. But what […]

If Kato had a brother…

He would be Hong Long. Yes, I’m watching Gundam 00. Yes, the fights are ridiculous. Yes, the world building is laughably bad. No, I don’t like being preached to. Yes, the exploitation is well done. Yes, that’s about the only thing that is. That is all. (No idea what I’m talking about?)

[Meh-ta] What has CALCULUS done?!

What happens when you take the derivative of white noise and set it zero? The PBF is strong in this one. While not as doomed as our hapless hero, I still think that numerous LOL moments will be had by my exam markers. While there wasn’t any cake at the finish line, music was fine […]

[Meh-ta] Writer’s block

Image link goes here. I will be out of the loop – as opposed to being just out of it – for the next little bit. I’m quite fond of that particular application of an NPN transistor. It reflects those enjoyable lab afternoons where nothing goes right for half of us. And it’s true! Taking […]

Sad students in snow

Searching for streetcars in the darkness of winter’s day.