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Needs a third edge

Is it strange that I haven’t seen the first broadcast episode of Macross Frontier, but I’ve listened to Triangler? The brand is strong with MS, and YK to a lesser extent, so while spare time is…spare, a bit of multi-tasking keeps me tuned in. Feelings about the song are mixed. A bit of movement in […]

The clock stops at 23:59

The leap in the chorus that caps the short opening run was what got me thinking that Mitsubachi to Kagakusha sounded like something I had heard before, and I eventually narrowed it down. The full length version of MtK creates quiet verses and fuller choruses by adding and subtracting instruments, but Maaya’s voice sounds rather […]

The bastion of easy listening

Check out the full PV on the promotional site. The last time, Maaya went 1 for 6, not counting the remixed version of 30 minutes night flight. This time, chances are good she’ll go 1 for 2, but because of the B-side. From the preview, Mitsubachi to Kagakusha sounds like old hat, and I don’t […]