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Classical music in motion

Everyone has a reason for getting into a series, even if it can’t be articulated. For me, with respect to Nodame Cantabile, it was association. The conversation, if translated from the firings of neurons, probably went like this: “Dude, it’s a series about music. You’re a band nerd, this is right up your alley.” “I […]

Better later

But not this entry. I thought to liken Moyashimon to something else that got better with age, but we’ll never know if that was just a 3-episode blip or the start of a trend. By now, the consensus is 11 episodes feels like an arbitrary and tacked on best before date.Although, better ought to be […]

A breath of living air

Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 shows about university students, in university. This estimate is easily dwarfed by the number of series set in and/or around a high school. I know that high school was really the last time that “we were all together”, so the high school character is […]