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Take 5 and God Speed

[Lyrics/Translations] Take 5 is one of those tracks that I can loop over and over again. It tempers irrational exuberance some days and raises the spirit (or spirits) on others, both with a ghostly, dignified poise. Does life and death exist on a continuum, or does a line have to be drawn somewhere? Perhaps the […]

The power of representation

My lack of a recording device is more than made up for by pretty much everyone else in attendance. I hope. I think that being in the fourth row in the presence of an orchestrated Simple and Clean aka Hikari made my month, making this bleak February weather just a little less annoying. I’m going […]

Hertz for the heart

[Via U.Blog] It’s kind of cute, but the clip doesn’t appear to be cached, so it has to be downloaded each time. Admittedly it’s pretty short, and maybe not something worth hitting the replay button for, but what if I do did? The more I loop Heart Station, the less it screams Distance Days and […]

Pieces of Coil space

If I had to choose between Dennou Coil‘s OP or ED, Prism and Sora no Kakera respectively, I’d opt for the latter as more representative of the series as a whole. Prism has a synthesizer element that is made more apparent (and prominent) in its full length version. Unlike other series or movies where the […]

No free lunch

Not only did EMI foot the licensing costs for all of those “free” ringtones, they’re paying her. Why not donate the proceeds to charity?

The clock stops at 23:59

The leap in the chorus that caps the short opening run was what got me thinking that Mitsubachi to Kagakusha sounded like something I had heard before, and I eventually narrowed it down. The full length version of MtK creates quiet verses and fuller choruses by adding and subtracting instruments, but Maaya’s voice sounds rather […]

Noclipping through a talent show

La Corda d’Oro is currently the only series that I’ve started and subsequently stopped with no desire to continue. I started because Brand New Breeze is pretty, and somewhere in the series description, there were the words “music” and “performance.” In between the four episodes I watched, Nodame Cantabile came along and I never looked […]

The bastion of easy listening

Check out the full PV on the promotional site. The last time, Maaya went 1 for 6, not counting the remixed version of 30 minutes night flight. This time, chances are good she’ll go 1 for 2, but because of the B-side. From the preview, Mitsubachi to Kagakusha sounds like old hat, and I don’t […]