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The worst-laid plans of Cyclops and men

MS Igloo 2 looks set to deliver tragedies in tidy boxes, continuing in the footsteps of its predecessor. As far as the first OVA went, the most noticeable improvement over the first MS Igloo is in the characters, who used to be cold, pasty, and moved in a stiff fashion not unlike…robots. The CG exceeds […]

More holes than a country full of Jags

Vexille could have been longer. Not the movie itself — which could have been shorter — but the story contained therein, which could have used an OVA to explain such things like the ability of a pariah nation to wield political influence on the world stage. And the Jags. A cross between the Borg and […]

[Meh-ta] My brain is not a pipe (but it’s okay if yours is)

In a small triumph for the community, the vague term that is “mental bandwidth” has been appropriated for the cause, at least according to Google.  I suppose that this is nothing new, in that jargon and genres go hand in hand, but this is a success of dubious merit, the term having long been abused […]

For want of a flag

FLAG is gritty, at least in a very visual way: grain, and lots of it. Artificially added, I suspect. There are a couple interesting things going for this series. With the exception of the first two episodes, FLAG was only available through web streaming. The other is the documentary style, with much of the series […]

The one that gets you

Watching the Batanime (or Batmanime), I came across technobabble, and it feels out of place. It’s kind of weird to think that heaps of jargon wouldn’t belong in a story about a character who relies heavily on gadgets, but in the Batman world, gadgets are used for getting stuff done, as opposed to being used […]

zomg Raptor rush

I always thought that Raptors on the Rush was a bit like a nerfed Command and Conquer 2 Orca assault: expensive, a bad idea, and subsequently embarrassing. But it turns out J. C. Staff didn’t try too hard when writing and drawing this flashback. Well, who knows how bad the war was at that stage. […]

Now you’re thinking with Mojos

Forget the Weighted Companion Cube; it’s obvious from the above that several Mojos are infinitely more useful. A few Portal style signs are needed to spread the word. I tried, but all I ended up with was a black and white trace, minus the missile label. But I don’t see how the ability to launch […]