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Slice of mecha

Wack machines be stepping to our crew Conspiracy side plot: underwhelming. Last battle: underwhelming. Sky Girls just seems too bright for shadows and danger. As far as final bosses go, the series had a – what else? – underwhelming one in the form of an island with large cave flies, organic torpedoes, and a giant […]

zomg Raptor rush

I always thought that Raptors on the Rush was a bit like a nerfed Command and Conquer 2 Orca assault: expensive, a bad idea, and subsequently embarrassing. But it turns out J. C. Staff didn’t try too hard when writing and drawing this flashback. Well, who knows how bad the war was at that stage. […]

Teach a Sonic Diver to fish, and you feed a crew for a lifetime

Uguu? Sky Girls has been pretty good about giving at least a cursory explanation for events, either in advance or shortly after the fact. If not, it’s usually because the consequence implies the cause. It’s not that big of a stretch to claim that the room that Ryohei ducked into, and narrowly escaped from, was […]

Tap your nose and wink

Knowing more than some of the characters know has two relevant uses: it sets in motion two trains that just happen to be on the same track and facing each other, or it is a portal through which irony is delivered. The latter option is preferable, and the setup for the sixteenth episode of Sky […]