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Fork your fansub

One of the many questions that sprouts like a weed goes something like, “What is the cost of a fansub?” Current practice is to deploy the pesticide known as, “Lost sales (maybe),” one whose long term effectiveness is dubious at best. That’s a cost to the industry, and a monetary one at that. But what […]

Misnomers and supposition

The first half toes around the umbrella known as translation. The second half manages to trip over the big orange monster to whom that umbrella belongs to. Somewhere along the line, the lot of us became translators. And I don’t mean just fansubbers, but fansub watchers as well. The term gets thrown around so frequently […]

Flattening pyramids

There is a very real tendency for young and niche communities to go to war with, and amongst, each other. Linux versus BSD, FreeBSD versus OpenBSD, GNOME versus KDE, Ruby versus the world, not to mention globalization internationalization versus sterilization localization. (But everybody knows that if you want to get anything done, you use C) […]

Ethereal puffs tough to autopsy

I finished Shakugan no Shana II a bit past midnight today, capping a roughly 5 hour run from episodes 14 to 24. The point where I took a break might have been purely coincidental – this winter has been blurrier than usual – but it made for a good dividing line anyway. A couple remarks […]

A call to rock on 8 years too late

Maybe 8 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I feel so old regardless. Why 8 years? Whoo! That’s why. Contrary to unpopular belief, my Hikki-tardation has limits, and one of those lines in the sand was Bohemian Summer 2000. It was something that I actually kind of avoided, and the ridiculous […]

Fllng n th blnks

I think that I have a new metric for evaluating a series. It’s not a practical one by any stretch, but there may be a lesson or two in it, and I would encourage everyone to apply that metric at least once in their viewing…careers. Go through the dialog of each episode of a series, […]

Better later

But not this entry. I thought to liken Moyashimon to something else that got better with age, but we’ll never know if that was just a 3-episode blip or the start of a trend. By now, the consensus is 11 episodes feels like an arbitrary and tacked on best before date.Although, better ought to be […]

After the roflstomp

Before getting started, JAXA’s Space Solar Power System reminds me more of SimCity 2000’s Microwave Power Station’s than some War To End All Wars But Won’t. After all, the ensuing widespread fire is infinitely more compelling than watching cannon fodder being mowed down like it’s another day at the office. This isn’t strictly about Gundam […]

The power of representation

My lack of a recording device is more than made up for by pretty much everyone else in attendance. I hope. I think that being in the fourth row in the presence of an orchestrated Simple and Clean aka Hikari made my month, making this bleak February weather just a little less annoying. I’m going […]

At arm’s length

Isako isn’t a nice character; you might even say that she’s mean, but mean to who? Her lackeys are hardly willing collaborators and would leave as soon as they felt they had learned as much as they could. It’s not the only one out there, but the iron fist is one form of leadership. With […]