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Pieces of Coil space

If I had to choose between Dennou Coil‘s OP or ED, Prism and Sora no Kakera respectively, I’d opt for the latter as more representative of the series as a whole. Prism has a synthesizer element that is made more apparent (and prominent) in its full length version. Unlike other series or movies where the […]

A circle of children goes round and round, round and round

Owen has seen through Dennou Coil as one would read and comprehend a research paper. The verdict: rejected for not making a significant contribution to the exploration of those who would sooner run from their demons than exorcise them. There is no scale for fear, but much like a scale it is used to lay […]

Slice of mecha

Wack machines be stepping to our crew Conspiracy side plot: underwhelming. Last battle: underwhelming. Sky Girls just seems too bright for shadows and danger. As far as final bosses go, the series had a – what else? – underwhelming one in the form of an island with large cave flies, organic torpedoes, and a giant […]

Get to the gallows

And now for some cynical comments concerning Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I’m sure Nozumu Itoshiki would approve. If you were to condense everything down – the teacher does spew a lot of hot air – you’d be left with rants. It could be long, it could be short, but it’d be a pretty good rant most […]

The study of contemporary job prospects

Genshiken 2 is like a compilation of how things work, and not just things that you’d rather not know about. Sure, there’s some self-deprecating humour in the “Dude, we’re such losers” vein, but thankfully that’s kept to a minimum. I think we’re a self-deprecating lot to begin with, so while we’ll nod and grin (awkwardly?) […]

Documenting Dennou Coil : Series events

Documenting Dennou Coil : Prior events

What follows is a high level overview of the events covered or hinted at in Dennou Coil. I have never written a “documentation” type entry before, so this may come off as dry (or drier) in tone. Why documentation? Because it’s just that interesting to me. Dennou Coil has a very rich backstory, sometimes delivered […]


If you would humour me for a moment, please consider the following graph and its accompanying observation. Shares in RASU tumbled following downgrades from numerous analysts after a disappointing first quarter. However, the company executed well and has since established a base of support above its recent low. Now that you’re either scratching your head […]

Go it alone

This has been percolating for a while as I made an attempt at sorting out the strikes against StrikerS. I do give a higher weighting to story and dialogue than execution in other departments, to the extent that it took side by side image comparisons between the DVD release and the broadcast version before noticing […]

An acquired taste

Before the CEVO TF2 finals got underway last Monday evening, I popped in on the second last round of a UT3 broadcast on DM-Deck. That round isn’t available on demand as of post time, but check out the 12 minute mark of the final round for a priceless moment. Having almost exclusively played just one […]