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A 9uality act

It’s been over a week a while since THYME’s debut album first 9uality, and chances are pretty good that if you liked Fly Away, you’ll like at least 9 of the 12 tracks on the disc. That’s not because most of the songs sound just like Fly Away, but I think that you’ll find a […]

Who is thyme?

(Link dump ensues) This isn’t the same question as “Who is THYME?” (English) Wikipedia seems to have a decent idea of the band, but nary a word on the group’s lead vocalist. This isn’t unusual, and indeed isn’t even a big deal, but then again most other artists don’t use a lower-cased English word for […]

Taking off on a key change

Natsu no Sora‘s full OP has one kicker of an outro. I’m such a sucker for strong harmonic progression.